The Effective Statistician - in association with PSI

The Effective Statistician - in association with PSI

The Effective Statistician - in association with PSI

20 key attributes of highly successful leaders part 1

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In this episode, I have the privilege to interview Walt Offen. A statistician that is about to end an amazing career over a couple of decades of working in the pharmaceutical industry.

Walt organized together, what he believes to be the 20 key attributes of highly successful leaders. They are organized in no particular order but enriched with great stories.

Of course, there is a difference between leadership and managing. Leadership is the ability to inspire others when there is no supervisory control. For a highly effective organization, everyone can and should be a leader. In part one, we cover the first 10:

  1. Having a can-do attitude
  2. Being able to apologize
  3. Inspiring others to join the cause (without authority)
  4. Share credit
  5. Show humility
  6. Be trustworthy and develop trust in others
  7. Engaging everyone on the team, making them feel valued and important
  8. Remain calm, be kind to everyone
  9. Provide opportunities for others to shine
  10. Putting the organization, colleagues, the company, ahead of personal goals

About Walter W. Offen, PhD

Distinguished Research Fellow

Global Head of Statistical Sciences


Walt is currently Distinguished Research Fellow. He heads up an organization comprised of Statistical Innovation, Safety Statistics, and Non-Clinical Statistics. He received his PhD in statistics from the University of Florida in 1980. His career began at Eli Lilly, spanning 31 years. He joined AbbVie in 2012. His interests include novel clinical trial design and analysis, Data Monitoring Committees, and multiplicity. Walt was inducted as a Fellow of the American Statistical Association in 2007.


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About this podcast

The podcast from statisticians for statisticians to have a bigger impact at work. This podcast is set up in association with PSI - Promoting Statistical Insight. This podcast helps you to grow your leadership skills, learn about ongoing discussions in the scientific community, build you knowledge about the health sector and be more efficient at work. This podcast helps statisticians at all levels with and without management experience. It is targeted towards the health, but lots of topics will be important for the wider data scientists community.

by Alexander Schacht and Benjamin Piske, biometricians, statisticians and leaders in the pharma industry


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