The Effective Statistician - in association with PSI

The Effective Statistician - in association with PSI

The Effective Statistician - in association with PSI

Good data visualization checklist

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Do you want to review a data visualization effectively?
Do you want to provide your organization with a simple tool to improve your data visualizations?
Do you need a checklist for yourself to make sure you covered everything for your data visualization?

This episode is for you!

How to convince someone you have never met before

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What do you do if you need something from someone at work, but
- You have never talked to this person ever before
- This person doesn’t know you
- The person is very protective about the thing you need
- You have only 15 minutes to convince her

What statisticians can learn from “The Art of Action”

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Stephen is a really interesting person. He is the author of The Art of Action and has a background in consulting and history. Based on this knowledge, he wrote a couple of books about history and leadership.

In terms of leadership, there's an area that overlooked usually from the business. However, business can learn a lot from this area. I'm talking about the military space as armies were the biggest organizations needing strong leadership for thousands of years.

How understanding the bigger picture boosts your career

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How does understanding the bigger picture helps you to be more productive and to be more influential at work?
How can this help you sell your work to your supervisors?
How can you fit your work with others work?
How can you easily understand where others are coming from?

Throughout the leadership program, this topic comes up again and again. We spend quite a lot of time talking about how you can better understand the bigger picture.

Getting to YES: Negotiation skills for everyday

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If you enjoyed the last book review, you'll surely enjoy this one as well. This is much more practical than the last one.

Getting to Yes is a very fundamental book that everybody should read. It was fundamental for me early in my career as it helped me through many negotiations throughout my career.

About this podcast

The podcast from statisticians for statisticians to have a bigger impact at work. This podcast is set up in association with PSI - Promoting Statistical Insight. This podcast helps you to grow your leadership skills, learn about ongoing discussions in the scientific community, build you knowledge about the health sector and be more efficient at work. This podcast helps statisticians at all levels with and without management experience. It is targeted towards the health, but lots of topics will be important for the wider data scientists community.

by Alexander Schacht and Benjamin Piske, biometricians, statisticians and leaders in the pharma industry


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