The Effective Statistician - in association with PSI

The Effective Statistician - in association with PSI

The Effective Statistician - in association with PSI

Trust - The Fundament of Your Success And How to Build It (Part 1)

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Have you ever wondered why some teams function seamlessly while others struggle with every task?

What secret ingredient makes collaboration smooth and effective?

In my experience, trust often holds the key. Without trust, even the most talented teams falter.

Join me in this episode as I explore the foundational role of trust in teamwork and success. I'll show you how to build trust swiftly and effectively, transforming your professional relationships and outcomes.

Through insightful stories and practical advice, I'll uncover the three critical components of trust: competence, character, and care.

Whether you lead a team or seek to enhance your collaborative skills, this episode offers valuable strategies to foster trust and achieve your goals.

Exploration Or Explanation: 10 Key Differences For Data Visualisations

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Are you curious about how to tailor your data visualizations to either explore new insights or clearly explain your findings to different audiences?

How can you effectively use data visualizations in clinical trial reports, interactive dashboards, and more to achieve your specific goals?

In this episode, I'm diving into the fascinating world of data visualization. I explore a crucial yet often misunderstood distinction:
exploration versus explanation in data visualizations.

By the end of this episode, you'll grasp the 10 key differences between these two approaches, helping you tailor your visualizations to meet specific goals. Whether you're designing a clinical trial report for regulators or creating interactive dashboards for data analysis, understanding these differences is essential.

Join me as I unpack how to effectively communicate your data's story or discover new insights through tailored visual tools.

How To Convince Others By Not Making This Mistake!

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Have you ever struggled to convince others about the value of your ideas?

Do you find it challenging to communicate why your product or service stands out?

If so, this episode is for you!

Today, I discuss a crucial topic that often hinders our ability to persuade others effectively: understanding the difference between benefits and features. I emphasize that while many of us focus on the specifics of a service, product, or process (the features), it's the benefits—what others gain from it—that truly matter.

By illustrating with real-life examples, including the upcoming conference I’m organizing, I show how highlighting benefits can make your message more compelling. Whether you're trying to convince colleagues about a new statistical method or seeking volunteers for an event, this episode offers valuable insights to ensure your message resonates. Tune in to learn how to avoid this common mistake and make your arguments more persuasive.

What You Can Expect And How You Can Contribute To The Conference In November 2024

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Are you ready to shape the future of statistics in healthcare?

How can you contribute to and benefit from our upcoming November 2024 conference?

This event, designed to bolster our community and enhance our effectiveness as statisticians, will unfold over four days, thoughtfully scheduled to accommodate global time zones.

What will the new formats of presentations and interactive workshops look like, and how can these help you in your professional growth?

Focused on practical applications and community engagement, this episode will guide you through maximizing your involvement in an event poised to transform our field.

Are you ready to be part of something groundbreaking?

Tune in to discover how you can make a significant impact at this innovative gathering.

The 4+1 Phases Of Learning

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In this episode, we merge the worlds of statistics, leadership, and personal growth.

I am eager to navigate the "4+1 phases of learning" with you today. This topic, central to our leadership course, particularly targets supervisors but resonates with everyone in a professional setting.

It’s crucial for both effective delegation and understanding our personal development in skills and tasks.

This episode aims to guide you through recognizing your learning phase, whether it’s identifying the unknowns in your skills or reaching a point where you can mentor others. We're discussing a framework to enhance how we learn, teach, and lead.

Retention Of People: How To Keep Your Statisticians - As A Supervisor

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In today's episode, Benjamin and I dive into the critical issue of retaining key team members, especially now that he has earned his promotion to Global Head of Biostatistics at CYTEL.

But before we explore our main topic, let's consider some pressing questions:

Are you struggling to keep your top talent engaged and committed to your team?
Do you understand what keeps your best employees staying or what might be driving them away? '
As supervisors, we face the challenge of not just hiring the right talent but also retaining skilled statisticians, programmers, and data scientists we already have on our teams.

Today, we' discuss industry turnover rates and share personal stories from our extensive careers, aiming to unveil effective strategies for keeping your team cohesive and motivated.

Whether you're a seasoned manager or aspiring to lead, this discussion will equip you with insights to nurture and retain your talent, enhancing both team stability and satisfaction.

Here are some more points that we discuss:

Global vs Local

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Have you ever wondered about the complexities that arise within pharmaceutical companies due to the division between global and local operations?

Why do these realms often operate with such distinct perspectives, and how do they impact our mission to deliver effective healthcare solutions globally?

Drawing on my firsthand experiences and analysis, today I dive deep into these questions, exploring the tensions and potential for collaboration in pharmaceutical development and distribution.

Join me as I unravel the intricacies of this global-local dynamic and discuss ways to bridge the gaps for better outcomes.

Here are the key points I discuss:

How To Learn And Get Better On Your Influencing Skills

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to truly influence others and lead effectively, regardless of your role or expertise?

Are you ready to unlock your full potential by mastering the art of active listening, refined presentation skills, and continuous learning in leadership?

Do you want to discover practical strategies that can empower you to drive change and enhance methodologies within your team, while also growing personally and professionally?

In today’s episode, I dive deep into how you can improve your influencing skills. When I talk about influencing skills, I mean all the crucial abilities you need to be effective in. It’s not just about leading teams; it’s also about how you, as a statistician, data scientist, or programmer, lead your peers and even your supervisors.

Here are the highlights I share in this episode:

About this podcast

The podcast from statisticians for statisticians to have a bigger impact at work. This podcast is set up in association with PSI - Promoting Statistical Insight. This podcast helps you to grow your leadership skills, learn about ongoing discussions in the scientific community, build you knowledge about the health sector and be more efficient at work. This podcast helps statisticians at all levels with and without management experience. It is targeted towards the health, but lots of topics will be important for the wider data scientists community.

by Alexander Schacht and Benjamin Piske, biometricians, statisticians and leaders in the pharma industry


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