The Effective Statistician - in association with PSI

The Effective Statistician - in association with PSI

The Effective Statistician - in association with PSI

Skills you need to become a better leader!

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In the third part of the leadership series with
Gary Sullivan, we talk about:
- What skills does it takes to influence as a statistician?
- When it’s about driving change - what are the rational, operational, and emotional challenges?
- How do I get a "seat at the table" and have more influence?

Understanding leadership deeply: trust, relationship, influence for statisticians

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n this second part of the interview with Gary, we speak about the building blocks of leadership without authority from a statistician’s perspective.

We cover questions like:
- Is influence the same as power?
- What is the role of trust, what are the different elements of trust and how can we improve trust being technical experts?
- How can we build relationships at work, that help us to influence change?
- Is influence through relationships only relevant “sideways” or also “upwards” and “downwards”?
- How do we know, with whom we need to invest in building relationships?
- Is there a way of assessing how good our relationships are?

Impress your supervisor by being super prepared for your goal setting discussion

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With some nice drinks in our hands, we welcome the new year and commit to new year resolutions. We set our personal goals and pretty soon, we’ll have discussions at work about business related goals.

This episode will help you to not only be ready for the discussions with your supervisor, but also give you tools to reach the goals with better probability than the usual vague new years resolutions.

Best of the episodes from 2018 and outlook for 2019

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Happy Christmas! This episode is the last one in 2018 and we will distil the best of the last 40 episodes for you in this Christmas edition of the podcast.

It has been anamazing journey and we will talk about the challenges and the learnings as well as the achievements of the podcast itself. Thus, you’ll get a behind the scenes look into the podcasting work.

How to work with key opinion leaders (KOLs)

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KOLs play a major role in the health sector and professionally working together with them will boost your career! This episode provides you with lots of insights and tips.

In this episode, we talk
• about how the interactions between pharma companies and KOLs look like
• which rules are important and how you as a statistician should comply with these
• about practical tips of building relationships with KOLs
• about opportunities to work with KOLs
• and about mindset topics in engaging withKOLs

The past, presence and future of estimands!

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If you ask someone within the pharma world of statisticians on what is the hottest topic, you most likely will just get: Estimands!

Many scientific events, conference sessions, publications and presentations are organized around this topic. Thus, I'm super happy, that we have Mouna and Chrissie on the podcast as they have presented about this topic at various occasions.

In this episode, you will learn about

- the importance of the concept itself and it’s implications
- the terminology of the estimand framework
- and how it relates to missing data terminology

How to prewire a meeting

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Have you ever been proposing or defending a project in a larger meeting - maybe even with senior management - and it didn't go as smoothly as you would like?

Or do you prepare yourself for such a meeting and you feel unsure about what to expect?

Then this episode will help you!

How to prepare for your year end review to stand out!

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Same procedure every year - the year end review as part of the performance management appears on your calendar. Are you worried about filling in forms? Do you feel like this is not adding value?

In this episode, we give you practical tips how to master the review like a pro.

About this podcast

The podcast from statisticians for statisticians to have a bigger impact at work. This podcast is set up in association with PSI - Promoting Statistical Insight. This podcast helps you to grow your leadership skills, learn about ongoing discussions in the scientific community, build you knowledge about the health sector and be more efficient at work. This podcast helps statisticians at all levels with and without management experience. It is targeted towards the health, but lots of topics will be important for the wider data scientists community.

by Alexander Schacht and Benjamin Piske, biometricians, statisticians and leaders in the pharma industry


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