The Effective Statistician - in association with PSI

The Effective Statistician - in association with PSI

The Effective Statistician - in association with PSI

Multiplicity - practical tips with Alex Dmitrienko

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Understand and master multiplicity in practical situations - Interview with Alex Dmitrienko

Alex Dmitrienko has researched and published so much, that without a doubt, he can be called one of the world class experts in the field of multiplicity. E.g. his book Multiple Testing Problems in Pharmaceutical Statistics contains a wealth of practical information on this topic.

His career has brought him from pharma over CROs to his own company Mediana. Via his company, he provides also online courses on his favourite topic.

As a listener, you will get the following benefits from this episode:

  • Understand multiplicity challenges in practical situations

  • Learn how to actually implement it

  • Learn where to get further information

We cover the following topics during the interview:

  • What is multiplicity and why does it matter?
  • Should we always test as many objectives as possible or is it better to restrict the list of objectives?
  • How do we communicate best those objectives, that are non-significant on the multiple testing adjusted case but are significant on the local level?
  • Non-regulatory stakeholders like payers and physicians may have completely different views on the priority or importance of variables. How should we manage this?
  • There are many different ways how setting up systems for multiplicity adjustments. What are the best steps to come to an agreement with a cross-functional team on this?
  • How do we deal with multiplicity, if the study has different components?
  • How do we deal with multiplicity, if we have 2 or more studies and analyse them combined as well as individually?
  • What are good resources to learn about multiplicity for beginners?


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